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Selina Sheth Posts

Upavistha Konasana, Yari Road, Mumbai – Anil Senior SUMMER READING FOR THE YOGA JUNKIE

First published by Scroll on International Yoga Day, 2015.

Disclaimer :
In recent years, some of the traditional schools of yoga referred to here have been publicly called out by multiple former students and staffers. Their detailed testimony exposes these institutions for their rigid, authoritarian practice methods, the cultish atmosphere of ‘guru’ worship they perpetuate, and the ways in which sexual and psychological abuse by charismatic ‘senior’ teachers has been commonly gaslit, deflected and dismissed over decades.

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory, so goes the famous quote.


First published by Arre in 2016.

Then, at the height of my addiction to Ashtanga Vinyasa (2015-2017), I wrote a reverential follow-up piece for Yoga Journal Singapore.

Today, I’ve found a balance between having a holistic classical yoga practice, working and living. I never thought I’d be able to say this, and mean it, but I can.
And September 2020 will mark eight years of living alcohol-free – the best decision I ever made to kick the worst addiction I ever had.

The demon is not in the substance but in the compulsion to abuse it. And that’s not a bad thing – sometimes.

The Little Girl and the Cigarette, 2005 – Cover Illustration/Author : Benoit Deteurtre A SMOKER’S RANT

Posted in the monsoon of 2014.

According to Fantastic Fiction, here’s a concise description of one of the best opening premises I’ve ever read :

“A death row inmate becomes a darling of the media when he demands his right to a final cigarette in a smoke-free prison.” All hell breaks loose when the authorities must decide which law is more sacred : granting the last wish of a dying man or upholding the rules of public property.

Duet : Chris Cornell and Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam – Live@ The Pantages Theatre, California WILD WORLD

Posted on Father’s Day, 2020.

Check out the performance video here.

It’s a wintry day in the mid 1970s. My Dad picks me up from Playhouse Nursery School on New Delhi’s Tughlaq Lane. I clamber onto the front seat of the blue ambassador, right next to him. I am allowed this because it’s only a short drive to the India Gate lawns, where I will get an orange bar and he will (maybe) smoke a cigarette.