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Selina Sheth Posts

A migrant textile worker rests in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai, during lockdown – Francis Mascarenhas/Reuters/The Atlantic TRY LOVE

First published by The Daily Eye in April 2020.

Should artists be activists too? This was a recent topic on one of the online writers’ forums that I belong to. It is a theme that interests me as a writer of fiction and non-fiction; and also a question I have grappled with through many of my own life experiences.


Posted in the summer of 2019.

I have been asked – many times – if I am an “Indian” writer. I don’t know if it is political, the question, or if it is innocently curious, given my bi-racial parentage, but I never know what to say, what does this mean, “Indian” writer or “writing Indian”?

Chappals – taken from the author website of Junot Diaz VISIBLE INVISIBLES

First published by Arre in 2016 and simultaneous with the Arre-Jamun podcast series Trial By Error :
The Aarushi Files, based on the 2008 murder of schoolgirl Aarushi Talwar.

The plight of India’s migrant and domestic labour forces has never been more in the spotlight as it is today. In the wake of the 2020 global pandemic and a brutal national lockdown, large numbers of these communities have found themselves stranded without income, food and shelter in the cities they work in.

When I was around 10 and my sister Alissa was 5, we played after school in the park opposite home with a gang of kids from our South Delhi neighbourhood.