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Kerala Monsoon – Sivaram V./Reuters VERSE

Written between 2010 and 2012.


Love soaks the senses

With the first monsoon lashing

Tears will pour later.


Your Love Is Like A Rope

Your love is like a rope around my neck,

Not choking, merely paralyzing,

Like a snake’s smiling fangs, deliciously poised,

Like a car without brakes, silently hurtling,

Like red wine on a white blouse, numbly spreading.

Your love is like a rope around my neck,

Exhilarating, like an addict’s discovery

Of a hidden stash,

Like spontaneous flirtation, like a surprise weekend in Bali.

Revitalizing, like dawn’s breeze on open sea,

Like liberation after months of no mercy,

And so I choose to remain imprisoned.

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