Selina has written extensively in recent years for the award-winning digital entertainment platform Arre. Her pieces include An Addict For Life, Prison Yoga: Freedom Behind Bars, Cyanide Mallika: In Search Of India’s First Female Serial Killer, There’s Something About Sylvia, The Death Of Playboy And Intellerotica and Love, Amrita. She also contributed to Arre’s special crime podcast Trial By Error: The Aarushi Files, with three short essays loosely centered around the unresolved murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar: The Life Of A Rumour, Visible Invisibles and The Mother Who Refused To Mourn.

Selina’s review Darshan: An Intimate Experience Of Transformation, based on the documentary film of the same name, has been published by Open Democracy, an independent global platform covering world affairs, ideas and culture. She has also written a collection of features for Scroll’s acclaimed Publishing And The Pandemic series, reporting on India’s independent bookstores with Wonderfully Wayward, Wilfully Wise, At Walden Pond, Phoenix, Rising, From Partition To The Pandemic and No Easy Victories. Selina profiled Afghanistan’s famed bookseller Shah Muhammed Rais in Once Upon A Time In Kabul and paid tribute to Mumbai’s Literature Live! festival with A New Urgency. She further analyzed India’s children’s book sector with Adventures In Wonderland.

Other non-fiction by Selina includes Searching For Sirshasana: Reflections On Yoga, Writing, Resistance And The Muse and On The Pleasures Of The Bildungsroman for Saaranga Books. A personal essay On Monsoons, Murakami And A Boy Named Mahala appeared in The Woman Inc. Two short memoirs, Easy Come, Easy Go: WhatsApp And That Millennial ‘Thing’ and Dante And Beatrice were respectively published by Live Wire/The Wire, Spillwords Press and Kitaab International (South Asia). In 2021, the popular Modern Love column of The New York Times featured An Ongoing Conversation – a 100-word tribute that Selina wrote in memory of her father.

Selina has written an essay Try Love, and a profile/Q&A Of Borders And Boundaries, both for The Daily Eye. One of Selina’s more personal essays My Story, My Calling was featured in Yoga Journal Singapore (now Yogahood Online). She has had an article On International Yoga Day: Summer Reading For The Yoga Junkie appear in the widely-read Scroll and another, Yoga: Breathing New Life in the lifestyle magazine Le City Deluxe.

Older pieces by Selina have been published in Cosmopolitan India, First City, The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and The Pioneer.